Let customers generate inbound shipping labels
The smarter way for customers to send you packages
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The Platform

Build custom forms that let your customers create and download pre-paid shipping labels to your warehouse. Click on the icons below to get more information.

Shipment Details

Provide your address. Optionally, ask custom questions and provide additional instructions for the customer. A custom form will be created that can be shared with your customers via email or any other method.


You and your customer can be notified when a label is created, when it's first scanned by the post office and when the package is delivered. Notifications are available via email and/or webhooks.

Pay-on-Use Labels

The generated labels are scan-based, you only pay the postage cost if the label is used. The labels are purchased at commercial cost, a discount from post office retail rates.



No contracts or deposits required. We charge the postage cost only when the labels are actually used.

Inbound Shipper Fees: $50 per month, plus 10 cents per label for each generated label.
Postage Cost: USPS scan-based labels at commercial rates , regardless of your volume.
Additional volume discounts and enterprise-level support available.

Contact Us

Please contact us with any questions or to request a platform walk-through.