Q: Can I use one account to set up forms and label templates across multiple brands?
Yes. You can create unlimited forms under one account. Each form can be set up with its own questions, messages and branding.

Q: What can I ask the customer before the shipping label is generated?
There are pre-defined fields for name, email, address, order number, rma number, return reason. There is also the ability to add custom questions and provide additional instructions to be displayed on the form. All provided information is then available via reporting and downloadable in CSV format.

Q: How long are does the custom have to use the label?
USPS scan based labels are valid for 365 days after being generated.

Q: Are my customers able to track the package transit status?
Yes. When a label is created, your customer is emailed a copy of the label as well as the tracking number and a link to check the tracking status via the carrier.

Q: When can I set notification triggers for me and my customer?
Your customers automatically get an email upon creation of the label with the tracking number and ability to re-download the label. You can also enable a customer facing email when the post office scans the item for the first time and when the package is dropped off at your facility. For your self, you can get notifications when the label is generated, when the post office scans the item for the first time and when the package is dropped off at your facility.

Q: How does billing for postage and label generation work?
We charge you the fee for the generated labels and the postage cost of any labels that were used on a nightly basis. We do have a minimum invoice size of $10 to prevent many small charges to your card.

Q: Will these shipping labels work for customers outside of the US?
No. Since we purchase USPS labels, the packages can only be shipped where USPS picks up packages.

Q: What happens to the unused labels if I cancel my Inbound Shipper account?
The labels continue to remain active for 365 days from when they are generated. When you cancel your Inbound Shipper account, while no longer able to use our platform, we will reserve the right to bill you the postage costs for any remaining labels that are used.

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